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The Rise and Fall of Dorothy Thompson Into Obscurity

Dorothy Thompson was deluged with speaking invitations after her dramatic exit from Germany. Her lectures drew impressive crowds everywhere she went. Dorothy was often introduced as the “First Lady of American Journalism” on the speaker’s platform. The Rise and...


Did German Homicidal Gas Chambers Exist?

      A relative of a prominent Holocaust revisionist recently said that the argument Holocaust supporters fear most is “the physical, chemical, topographical, architectural, and documentary evidence of the impossibility of the homicidal gas chamber.” She writes, “And, believe me,...


Some Are More Equal Than Others! Hypocrisy & The AEN

The Academic Engagement Network…. Mark Yudof, Chair of AEN’s Advisory Board, states that AEN’s narrative “should emphasize democratic participation and civil rights; tolerance; equality for people of all races, ethnicities and sexual orientations; human rights; freedom of expression and...