Category: Atrocities


The Internment of Japanese American Civilians

A true aspect of the Holocaust story is that Jews were sent to concentration camps, forced to live in ghettos, conscripted for labor, stripped of their rights, and suffered extreme hardships. Unfortunately, many Jews died from mostly natural causes in the...


Jewish Involvement in the Bolshevik Revolution

      The Bolshevik Revolution in the Soviet Union was not primarily a Russian Revolution. Instead, it was primarily led by a non-Russian, Jewish ethnic minority that hated Russians and the Czar for their alleged anti-Semitism.[1] This article documents some of the...


Germany’s Anti-Partisan Warfare during World War II

“Since the archives in Bordeaux remain closed to researchers until the year 2053, complete information about what happened at Oradour-sur-Glane remains hidden. It is likely, however, that the French have something to hide regarding this incident.”       Germany engaged in numerous...