About John Wear

John Wear was born July 11, 1953 in Houston, Texas. John graduated with a degree in accounting from Southern Methodist University in May 1974 and passed the CPA exam later that year. He graduated from the University of Texas Law School in December 1977 and passed the Texas bar in February 1978. John, who is currently retired, worked most of his career as a CPA. His most recent employment was from 1994 to 2008 with Lacerte Software, a tax division of Intuit Corporation.

John Wear is the author of the book Germany’s War: The Origins, Aftermath and Atrocities of World War II. This book is published by American Free Press and is also sold by The Barnes Review (TBR) and *Amazon. John is also on the Board of Contributing Editors of TBR and to date has had 70 articles published by TBR. He also has 112 articles published in the Inconvenient History Journal and continues to write for both.

*Amazon has made the sale of Germany’s War in e-book form almost impossible and appears to be trying to do the same with the paperback version.

The widely syndicated Paul Craig Roberts has serialized a chapter by chapter review of Germany’s War apparently much to the irritation of CNN! Read: Thanks to my demonizers who raise my readership! Additionally, The Unz Review has published an online version of Germany’s War and one of John’s recent articles.

John Wear’s work has been highly praised by Benton L. Bradberry, Dr Fredrick Töben, Willis Carto, Paul Angel, John Tiffany and many others.

John may have retired from corporate life but he is closely supervised by his four cats who believe the home office is their domain.