“Revisionists” Use Only The Evidence Of One Homicidal Gas Chamber To Refute Holocaust

Fake History Lie of the Month

The Lie:

The only scientific evidence Holocaust revisionists offer to refute the existence of homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau is the lack of Prussian Blue from one homicidal gas chamber.

The Truth:

There are numerous scientific and engineering reasons why homicidal gas chambers did not exist at Auschwitz-Birkenau. These include the following:

1) David Cole, a Jewish American, produced a very revealing video based on his visit to Auschwitz in September 1992. Wearing a yarmulke and pretending to be a righteous Jew wanting to answer those who question the “Holocaust”, Cole paid extra for his personal English language tour guide. The video shows numerous weaknesses of the alleged homicidal gas chamber at Auschwitz: 1) Obvious marks on the walls and floors where walls have been knocked down; 2) Equally obvious holes in the floor where bathroom facilities had been; 3) A flimsy wooden door with a big glass pane in it; 4) A doorway with no door and no fittings for a door leading to the crematorium ovens; 5) A big manhole right in the middle of the gas chamber; and 6) No Zyklon B staining in the walls. Any reasonable person can tell that the alleged gas chamber shown in the video could not possibly function as a homicidal gas chamber.

In response to David Cole’s questions, Cole’s tour guide repeatedly states that the gas chamber at Auschwitz was in its original state. Unable to answer all of Cole’s questions, Cole’s tour guide went to get a woman who was introduced as the Supervisor of Tour Guides for the Auschwitz State Museum. In response to Cole’s question, the Auschwitz tour supervisor states that the holes in the ceiling of the alleged gas chamber at Auschwitz were rebuilt after the war. Thus, contrary to statements made by Cole’s tour guide, the Auschwitz tour supervisor acknowledges that the alleged homicidal gas chamber at Auschwitz is not in its original state.

David Cole next interviewed Dr. Franciszek Piper, the Head of Archives and the Senior Curator of the Auschwitz State Museum. Dr. Piper explained in the interview that the gas chamber shown to tourists at Auschwitz is similar to the one that existed in 1941-1942, but not all details are the same so that, for example, there are no gas-tight doors. In other words, the gas chamber is not in its original state but is rather a postwar reconstruction. Cole’s video documents that the museum officials deceive tourists by representing that the gas chamber at Auschwitz is in its original state even though the museum officials know better. The postwar reconstruction they show tourists at Auschwitz is worthless as proof of anything. Also, there is not a single wartime document or photograph to confirm what the alleged homicidal gas chamber at Auschwitz looked like.1

The alleged homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau could not have been used to exterminate hundreds of thousands of people as described in pro-Holocaust literature for numerous additional reasons:

2) they did not have escape-proof doors and windows;

3) they did not have panic-proof equipment;

4) they did not have technically gastight doors and shutters;

5) they had no provision to quickly release and distribute the poison gas;

6) they had no effective device to ventilate or otherwise render ineffective the poison gas after the execution.2

7) The roof of the semi-underground Morgue #1 of Crematorium II at Birkenau, which is said to have been the building’s homicidal gas chamber, remains intact to some degree today. Contrary to some eyewitness testimony, that roof has no Zyklon-B-introduction holes. This has been acknowledged by pro-Holocaust researcher Robert Jan van Pelt. Since it is impossible to close holes measuring 70 x 70 cm from a concrete roof without leaving clearly visible traces, it is certain that no Zyklon-B-introduction holes ever existed at Crematorium II. Consequently, Zyklon B could not have been introduced through the roof at this morgue as alleged by pro-Holocaust supporters.3

Even David Irving’s defeat in his 2000 lawsuit against Deborah Lipstadt resulted in valuable information helping Holocaust revisionists. Germar Rudolf writes:

I may introduce another witness at this point who contacted David Irving by e-mail after conclusion of Mr. Irving’s legal proceedings against Deborah Lipstadt in May 2000. He is an engineer named Paul Barford; his colleagues are assisting in the conservation and restoration of the camp for the Auschwitz Museum administration. He informed David Irving that, during his trial, investigations were made in complete secrecy at Auschwitz with regard to the mystery of the holes, and then remarked:

[W]hat happened to their [the Auschwitz Museum’s] tests on the roof of Crema II mentioned in the attachment? Did they find the Zyklon B holes or not? Did they report those results to Lipstadt’s lawyers, and when? […] As you can guess, despite my belief that you and the Revisionists are wrong, and despite spending half an hour examining the collapsed roof of the underground gas chamber of Crematorium II from different angles, I found no evidence of the four holes that the eyewitnesses say were there […].

Secondly, several areas of the slabs are covered in small rubble from an outer layer of concrete which was fractured by the blast. Now I would have expected these fragments to have fallen through the holes, if they were there, into the void beneath. […] I remain puzzled by the lack of physical evidence for these holes.’

The search for the introduction holes mentioned by Barford, which was conducted by the Auschwitz Museum during Irving’s libel suit against Lipstadt, comes as a surprise. Right after the war, the investigative judge Jan Sehn should have conducted a forensic examination about this, but that was evidently not done. During the decades since, the museum should also have conducted research on this issue. Nothing has ever been published about the results of the search conducted in 2000. That result evidently disappeared in some drawer. If we consider the unscrupulousness with which the museum manipulated material evidence in a completely undocumented fashion with regard to the crematorium at the Main Camp, any competent researcher will be horrified about these apparently once-more-undocumented sledge-hammer methods used by this search of those holes in early 2000.

In addition to the deterioration of this physical evidence caused by the ravages of time, we are therefore dealing here also with the destruction of evidence by the museum authorities. What should have been done —meticulously putting together the fragments of this morgue’s roof like a big jigsaw puzzle while thoroughly documenting it, as is done with crashed airplanes —, evidently remained undone. Instead of doing it in a professional manner, that topic was left to be covered by amateurishly acting outsiders.4

So, engineer Paul Barford independently found no evidence of induction holes in the roof of Crematorium II at Birkenau. Barford is not a revisionist, and his evidence should have been reported at Irving’s trial. However, this could not be done, because Barford’s testimony would have supported Irving’s claim that there were no holes in the roof of Crematorium II.

As Dr. Robert Faurisson used to say, “No holes, no Holocaust.”

8) Since Crematoria IV was blown up, it is difficult today to prove that it was used as a homicidal gas chamber. However, Germar Rudolf writes that the remaining foundation work indicates that Crematoria IV was never used as a homicidal gas chamber:

The walls of Crematoria IV and V, which were built entirely above ground, were of simple brick masonry. After they were blown up, both buildings were demolished to their foundation walls and concrete foundations. The foundation wall of Crematorium V, which today is approximately 1 m high, is supposed to have been rebuilt. The foundation wall of Crematorium IV, which is approximately 50 cm high, is also supposed to have been rebuilt out of other rubble at a later time (Markiewicz et al. 1991).

Even these reconstructions can still speak to us, even if, in this case, only the concrete foundations are authentic. Because another technical precondition for the use of the rooms alleged to have been homicidal “gas chambers” would be that it would have to have been rendered impossible for the victims on the inside to get anywhere near the introduction hatches, since otherwise they could have simply pushed the SS man off the ladder while he was throwing the Zyklon B into the chamber; they could then have attempted to escape. A U-shaped, solid steel grid construction anchored in the floor and in the masonry of the walls with steel hoop anchors spread out into dovetails would have been necessary to keep the victims on the inside at arm’s length from the hatches. The concrete floors of these rooms surviving today, however, make it clear that nothing of the sort was ever anchored in the floor.

Mattogno has discovered that the small openings in those rooms, which came in two sizes of only 15 cm x 25 cm or 20 cm x 30 cm when deducting the frames, had iron bars in front of them. This would have made it impossible to stick a can of Zyklon B through them, hence the introduction of the poison as attested to by witnesses was not possible.5

9) Chemists adhering to the orthodox Holocaust narrative have failed to explain why the walls of the delousing facilities at Auschwitz-Birkenau are permeated with Prussian Blue, while nothing of this sort can be observed in any of the alleged homicidal gas chambers. The only reasonable explanation is that Zyklon B was never used in the alleged homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom writes: “…for any alleged human gas chamber found in a German World War II labor camp let us merely measure cyanide in the walls: if it’s not there, it didn’t happen.”6

Reports, articles, testimony, books and videos from Fred Leuchter, Walter Lüftl, Germar Rudolf, Friedrich Paul Berg, Dr. William B. Lindsey, Carlo Mattogno, John C. Ball, Dr. Arthur Robert Butz, Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom, Dr. Robert Faurisson, Wolfgang Fröhlich, Dr. Ing Franco Deana, Dr. James H. Fetzer, Richard Krege, Arnulf Neumaier, Cyrus Cox and David Cole have conclusively shown that there were no homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz-Birkenau.


1 David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper, Director, Auschwitz State Museum. Newport Beach, CA: Institute for Historical Review, 1992.

2 Rudolf, Germar, The Chemistry of Auschwitz: The Technology and Toxicology of Zyklon B and the Gas Chambers—A Crime-Scene Investigation, Uckfield, Great Britain: Castle Hill Publishers, 2017, pp. 174-175.

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6 Kollerstrom, Nicholas, Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust, Myth and Reality, Uckfeld, Great Britain: Castle Hill Publishers, 2015, p. 70.

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  1. Z says:

    These article is about, not adding all the contraevidence that exists. So why not include Fred Leuchters epic technical debunking of ‘g’chambers

  2. Christian Soldier says:

    I read in the french newspapers around 2005?, I think.
    The man who served as the head of the Auschwitz museum from the time it was created.
    A man of about 70 years old, He was retiring from that job.
    He announced to the press that there was never a gas chamber in Auschwitz.
    He stated that Stalin brought it there and made everyone say that it had been there previously that Hitler put it there.
    I read it in the French papers although I never saw it in the American jewsih owned press.
    Just like Adam and Eve were fooled by the serpent. So have the people of this world been fooled by the spawn of that serpent.
    They are rapacious, mendacious, frauds liars and thieves. Everything the jews have amassed has been gotten by deceit lies and fraudulent con games that fooled many foolish gentiles and with the same result: our entire culture and traditional values have fallen down to the lowest level of Hell itself.
    Only a fool would believe the jews, a fool that will lose everything.
    All the wealth and power thy have stolen will result in the total annihilation of everything in this world.
    Because it belongs only to God’s children.
    In the hands of the devil it will turn to a dead lifeless desert.
    The earth itself, our mother is suffering from the jews existing here, and they are going to Kill this earth.
    They will all die and go back to their father Satan in Hell, but many souls will be lost and will fall because they are so evil.
    There is no limit to the evil they are capable of.
    There is a complete absence of any love, empathy or compassion in the jews.
    There is nothing of God in them, no peace, no truth no giving and sharing called Charity.
    They are greedy and selfish and full of Hate and violence and the need to dominate and control all the gentiles until they have no freedom, no free will and no resources left because the jews have stolen it all as the NWO.
    If you do not recognize who is the spawn of Satan, then you do not know God in any way.
    In the end they will do to all Christians what they lied and said Hitler did to them.
    They are all born soulless psychopaths, demonically possessed with sadistic personality disorder.

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