Fraudulent Intent: How Tax-Exempt Foundations Conspire Against America For World Communism

“The story you are about to hear represents a missing piece of the puzzle of modern history. Without this knowledge many contemporary events are simply beyond understandingDodd states these were not necessarily the original motivations of the people who founded the big Foundations, like Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie...”

How Tax-Exempt Foundations Conspire against the U.S. to bring about World Communism

by Sally-Ann Lowe, Reclaiming Rhodesia, (info from an interview between Norman Dodd and G Edward Griffin)

In the struggle to establish an adequate World Government, the teacher has many parts to play…. He can do much to prepare the hearts and minds of children for global understanding and cooperation… At the very top of all the agencies which will assure the coming of World Government must stand the school, the teacher, and the organized profession.”  

National Education Association Journal, 1946. (source ‘Smoke & Mirrors’)

Since 1815 there has been and is still ongoing, a hidden agenda to destroy America and create a Worldwide Collectivist State ruled by the same Financial Interests that later took control of the powerful Tax-Exempt Foundations.

Left: From 1952-1954 Norman Dodd (1899-1987) was the chief investigative researcher for the Congressional Reece Committee. He investigated the un-American activities of large endowment tax-exempt Foundations and in particular the Carnegie, Rockefeller, Guggenheim and Ford Foundation.

G Edward Griffin:

The hidden agenda for World Government was revealed by Norman Dodd, who in 1954 was the Staff Director of the Congressional Special Committee to investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations … in an interview conducted with myself, G Edward Griffin, in 1982. Mr Dodd [an honourable and honest American who loved his country] passed away shortly after this interview…

The major tax-exempt Foundations of the U.S., since at least 1945, have been relentlessly operating to promote a hidden agenda. That agenda has nothing to do with the surface of charity, good works, or philanthropy. The real objectives include the creation of a world-wide Collectivist State including the Soviet Union, which is to be ruled from behind the scenes by those same interests which now control the tax-exempt Foundations.”

G Edward Griffin, the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, an expose of the conspiracy by international bankers to unconstitutionally usurp the U.S. money creation role from the government by creating their private bank, the Federal Reserve. The House of Rothschild holds majority shares in the Federal Reserve of N.Y. The parasitic Fed magically ‘creates’ money out of thin air through a digital entry as a ‘loan’ to the Government – which must be ‘paid back’ to the Fed by the hard-working American taxpayer with interest. The IRS was created to ensure they comply. The Fed has zero accountability or transparency.

Norman Dodd’s Shocking Wake-up Call came as a Junior Bank Officer with the Morgan Bank.

Dodd went to Yale and finally entered the banking world where he experienced the events leading to the Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression.

“I witnessed what was tantamount to a collapse of the structure of the United States as a whole.”

To Norman’s surprise his superiors came up to him in the middle of the panic and confronted him with the question, “Norm, what do we do now?”

At just 30 years old and knowing as a junior officer of the bank that he had no special qualification or experience to give advice, he yet managed to reply, “Gentlemen, you take this experience as proof there’s something you do not know about banking, and you better go find out what that something is, then act accordingly.” Four days later he was told by his superiors, “Norm, you go find out.”

Two and a half years later he reported back to those who had given him this fulltime assignment. On rendering the report he was told:

Norm, what you are saying is we should return to sound banking.”

Then he received his first shock, a statement from his superiors to this effect:

We will never see sound banking in the United States again.”

They then cited chapter and verse to support that statement, followed by this stunner:

 “Since the end of WWI we have been responsible for the institutionalising of conflicts of interest, and they are so prevalent inside this country that they can never be resolved.”

Take a moment to reflect on what these conspiratorial bankers were admitting! This shocked Norman to the core and made a terrible impression on him because the men who made this statement were deemed as the most prominent bankers in the country, spoken of as ‘the Morgan bank’ (a Rothschild bank and J P Morgan was a Rothschild agent).

Another Lesson: How the Bankers Play Games to Control their Members

On finally making the decision to resign about a year later, he was called to the office of the bank’s president who told him that,

the Directors of the Bank have never been able to get your Report out of their minds, and over the last 10 days have decided that you must reorganize this bank in keeping with your own ideas and to begin at once!”

Think on this. Would one of the most elite and powerful American banks really hand such decision making and total reconstruction to a junior employee, really? Or were they fearful he knew too much to be allowed to leave their control? A young, rather naïve Norman Dodd felt a responsibility to the public who deserved responsible banking practices so he accepted the great challenge and withdrew his resignation.

However, within just 6 weeks of starting the reorganization they began quietly to ignore his efforts, patting him on the back and assuring him to

Stop worrying about it, Norm. Pretty soon you will be a Vice President on a handsome salary then will ultimately be able to retire on a great pension and meantime you can play golf and tennis and yacht on weekends.”

After a year of sitting with his feet up on the desk all day doing nothing, Dodd couldn’t do it any longer so he did finally resign. Another great shock, after this action, ‘the doors of every bank of the United States were closed to me’. He found himself for the first time since college, out of a job.

The Reece Committee Formed to Investigate Un-American Activities of the Foundations

Fast forward to 1953: Norman Dodd was appointed Director of Research for the Reece Committee. A resolution was passed by the House of Representatives to investigate the activities of the tax-exempt Foundations as to whether or not these activities could justifiably be labelled un-American. ‘Un-American’ was defined as being:

determination to effect changes in the country by un-constitutional means. We have plenty of constitutional procedures, assuming we wish to effect a change in the form of government and that sort of thing.  Therefore effort in reform of government which did not avail itself of the procedures which were authorised in the Constitution could be justifiably called un-American.”

Dodd’s research for the Reece Committee informed them of the effect on the country as a whole, of the activities of large endowed Foundations over the then past 40 years. That effect was to re-orient America’s educational system away from the briefly stated principles and self-evident truths in the Declaration of Independence and according to the U.S. Constitution. This subversive influence had come from the wealthy Foundations some of which had been in existence since the beginning of the 1900s. They were responsible for this insidious re-orientation in the education system.

Worse still what was uncovered was the determination of these large endowed Foundations, through their Trustees, to actually get control of the content of American and international education.

Ford Foundation Reveals White House Itself behind the Subversion to Turn the U.S. Communist!

(Note: America’s OSS, was created in England by the British Establishment during WWII, and was the forerunner of the CIA. One of the OSS projects that failed was its attempt to use insects to spread anthrax in Spain during WWII.)

Ford Foundation president Rowan Gaither, above, operated under the system of Directives from the White House. This is a hidden form of Dictatorship.
Dictator Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe acted overtly. The White House controllers’ ZOG dictatorship acted covertly.

The president of the Ford Foundation, Rowan Gaither requested a visit from Norman Dodd and asked, off the record, why the Congress is interested in the activities of the big Foundations. Without awaiting a reply Gaither went on:

Those of us here at the policy-making level have all had experience, either with the OSS during the war or the European Economic Administration after the war, in operating under Directives; these Directives do emanate, and did emanate, from the White House [FDR and then Eisenhower Administrations]. We still operate under just such Directives. Would you like to know what the substance of those Directives is?

Norman Dodd, “Yes, Mr Gaither, I would like very much to know.”

Ford Foundation president Rowan Gaither continued:

“The substance of the directives from the White House under which we operate is that we shall use our grant-making power so to alter life in the United States that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.”

A stunned Norman Dodd then replied, “Mr Gaither, in light of what you just told me, many of your grants now make sense … but I don’t think you are entitled to withhold this information from the people of this country to whom you are indebted for your tax exemptions. So why don’t you tell them what you just told me?”

Rowan Gaither, “Mr Dodd, we would not think of doing that!”

Norman Dodd, “Well, Mr Gaither, in answer to your first question, you forced the Congress of the U.S. to spend $150,000 to find out what you just told me!

But Who Controls the Foundations and the White House?

 “Governments and the people are controlled by the leading families and members of the World Order – our Secret Rulers – via the tax-exempt FOUNDATIONS. These Foundations create and implement government policy through their staff members in key positions in the executive, legislative and judiciary departments.

For example, the foundations create education policy through their staff members in key positions at every level of the educational system, and control religious doctrine through their staff members in key positions in the leading religious denominations.”

Eustace Mullins, ‘The World Order: Our Secret Rulers’, 1992.

Researching Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s Minutes of their Meetings Caused Catherine Casey to Eventually Lose her Mind

Norman Dodd wrote to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace asking questions to gather certain information. Dodd was invited to meet with its president, Dr Joseph Johnson, as well as two vice-presidents and their own counsel who was a partner of the firm Solomon & Cromwell.

Dr Johnson invited Dodd to provide his own staff researcher with the offer to provide to them the Minute books of the Carnegie Endowment since its inception as well as an office room for 2 weeks to seek out the information they required. He assured Dodd that anything he or the Congress wanted to find out would be available in those Minutes.

Dodd‘s first reaction was they had lost their minds! He had a pretty good idea what those minutes would contain.

He guessed that they had never read those Minutes themselves. Gaither was only 2 years in the position and the others were relatively young men. He quietly accepted the offer and then selected a member of his staff, a Washington attorney Catherine Casey. She was on his staff on behalf of Congress to see that Dodd did not break any rules or procedures. She was in fact unsympathetic to the purpose of the investigation.

She was a level-headed and reasonably brilliant and capable lady and her attitude was:

 ‘What could possibly be wrong with Foundations? They do so much good!

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace: How Do We Alter The Life Of An Entire People? Involve The United States In A War!

After 2 weeks of solid research spot-checking the Foundation’s Minutes, Catherine Casey’s results, which she had recorded on Dictaphone for Norman Dodd, were specified by Dodd as follows:

1908, the year the Carnegie Endowment began operating. Meeting for the 1st time, the Trustees raised a specific question which they discussed throughout the balance of the year in a very learned fashion. The question is:

Is there any means known, more effective than war, assuming you wish to alter the life of an entire people?

They conclude, “No. No more effective means than war, to that end, known to humanity.

In 1909, they raise a second question, “How do we involve the United States in a war?

They conclude, “We must control the State Department.

This naturally raised the question, “How do we control the State Department?

Their answer is, “We must take over and control the diplomatic machinery of this country.

And their final resolve is to aim at that objective. World War I soon followed in 1914 (for which Germany was falsely blamed) and then America was deceitfully drawn into this war by puppet President Woodrow Wilson and his controllers.

At that time they record on their Minutes a Report by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace:

Despatch to President Wilson a telegram cautioning him to see that the war does not end too quickly!”

Carnegie Foundation Conspires To Prevent The U.S. Reverting To Normal Pre-WWI Life By Controlling Education

Once the war is finally ended, their interest shifts to preventing what they call ‘a reversion’ of life in the United States to what it was prior to 1914 when World War I broke out, just as today the same powers fully intend to prevent a reversion back to normal life as it was prior to the ‘covid pandemic’ era.

Consider the implications of today’s ‘Build Back Better’ agenda. Communism is never ‘Better’ for us plebs, the great unwashed. It is, however, ‘Better’ for the global financial Corporatocracy to consolidate their power, wealth and privilege.

In the Minutes of the meeting they come to the conclusion that, “to prevent a reversion [to Pre-WWI normality], we must control education in the United States”.

They realize that is a pretty big task, too big for them alone. So they conspire with the Rockefeller Foundation, making the suggestion that control of that portion of education which could be considered domestic be handled by the Rockefeller Foundation, and that portion of education which is international should be handled by their own Foundation, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Carnegie Endowment Conspires To Alter The Teaching Of American History

Norman Dodd then reveals, still direct from their Minutes, that the key to the success of these two operations lay in the alteration of the teaching of American History. They approach 4 of the then most prominent teachers of history in the country, people like Charles and Mary Beard and suggest to them, will they alter the manner in which they teach history, and they get turned down flat!

The Carnegie Endowment then decide that it is necessary for them ‘to build our own stable of historians’. Their own Minutes reveal the following conspiracy.

They approach the Guggenheim Foundation, which specializes in fellowships, and say, “When we find young men in the process of studying for doctorates in the field of American History and we feel they are of the ‘right calibre’, will you grant them fellowships on our say so?” And the answer is yes. Under that condition they eventually assemble twenty potential teachers of American history.

Twenty Carnegie U.S. Puppet History Teachers Shipped to London for their Orders

They take these 20 potential teachers of American History to London and there they are briefed as to what is expected of them when, as, and if they secure appointments in keeping with the doctorates they will then have achieved. That group of 20 historians ultimately becomes the nucleus of the American Historical Association.

Towards the end of the 1920s the Carnegie Endowment grants to the American Historical Association $400,000 for a study of American History in a manner which points to – What can it look forward to in the future? That culminates in a 7 volume book study. The last volume summarises the content of the first six volumes, and the essence of the last volume is:

“The future of the United States belongs to Collectivism (Communism) administered with characteristic American efficiency.”

All the above official facts were directly from the Minutes of the Carnegie Endowment for Peace. These specific facts were prevented being presented by the Congressional Committee to the Congress as a whole exactly in this manner because Commissioner Reece was then being pressured to stop the enquiry and he shut it down due to unprecedented and relentless intimidation from a (captured) member within, and from without, by the New York Times, Washington Post and other such mockingbird media.

All under the ownership of FIVE corporations. This is impossible without collusion.

Catherine Casey was unable to return to her law practice and ultimately actually lost her mind through the shock and awe realization of the evil use of the power of the tax-exempt Foundations conspiring against the freedoms and rights of Americans as enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

My source of the following information is Winter Watch: Speaking Truth to Power:

“Later, incredibly, the Carnegie Foundation even went so far as to conduct a series of polls to gauge the extent of their capture of American higher education. By 1999, 72% of professors were identified as liberals, four times the population as a whole!

General counsel to the Reese Committee Rene A. Wormser, authored a book Foundations: Their Power and Influence, in which he wrote:

As general counsel I was more interested in an emerging elite that has control of gigantic financial resources: ‘An unparalleled amount of power is concentrated increasingly in the hands of an interlocking and self-perpetuating group. Unlike the power of corporate management, it is unchecked by stockholders; unlike the power of government, it is unchecked by the people; unlike the power of churches, it is unchecked by any firmly established canons of value.’

Wormser went on to point out:

The interlocks between the trustees of RAND, and the Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie Foundations were so numerous that the Reece Committee, a congressional committee tasked with investigating the Foundations, listed them in its report (two each for Carnegie and Rockefeller, and three for Ford). In 1952 alone, when the chairman of the RAND Corporation was also the Ford Foundation president, Ford gave one million dollars to RAND.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), another member of the international complex, financed both by the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations, overwhelmingly propagandizes the globalist concept.

The Ford Foundation came into the fray after WWII and pushed the same agenda on a worldwide basis. Foundation donations were liberally fed through to the following operatives (among others) to carry out its agendas: the Social Science Research Council, the National Research Council, the Progressive Education Association, the American Historical Association, the League for Industrial Democracy, the John Dewey Society, and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

The unelected thought police the ADL is behind much of the social media censorship ongoing today.

Why do the Foundations Generously Support Communist Causes in the United States?

Norman Dodd provided this answer to G Edward Griffin:

Communism provides a means of developing what we would call a Monopoly, or what the organizations would say, a ‘large scale’ industry, into an administrable unit and they themselves will be the beneficiaries of it.

Dodd states these were not necessarily the original motivations of the people who founded the big Foundations, like Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie. Taking Mr Carnegie as an example, he publicly declared that his steadfast interest was to counteract the departure of the colonies from Great Britain. He was devoted to just putting the pieces back together.

The subversion collectivisation policies from his original intent into these un-American communistic concepts came into effect through the system of the controlling Trustees and Directors, ‘and occurred as the U.S. developed into a world of bankers and lawyers’. It was not the man Andrew Carnegie – who had created the original wealth – who instigated it.

Was Cecil Rhodes hoodwinked by the Rothschilds et al?

I suggest that Rothschild agent Cecil Rhodes was like-minded as Carnegie. He too worked to enhance the British Empire. I believe that Rhodes, like Carnegie’s foundation, was unknowingly subject to the intrigue of the international Zionist bankers whose covert intention was always to infiltrate, subvert and destroy the British Empire in favour of a Communist One World Dictatorship.

Indoctrination Masquerading as Education Today

How has the direction and purpose of the major Foundations changed over the years to the present? What is it today, asked G Edward Griffin?

Norman Dodd replied that it is 100% behind the diverted quest of Education and the single theme through the schools and colleges of the United States is as follows:

Our history has proven already our original ideas to be no longer practical. The future belongs to collectivist concepts.” And there is no disagreement on this!

Many wise and dedicated parents are home schooling to protect their children’s minds. The hour is late and the clock is ticking.

Of course, the mega-Foundations are only one arm of the destructive international Parasitocracy. There are many ‘arms’ being played. One of their alphabet agencies, the CIA, for instance created  Feminism on behalf of the Marxist Rockefeller Foundation plan to destroy the stability and independence of the traditional family unit to facilitate a communistic dependence of the individual upon the State instead:

It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable and to propagandize and teach the American people to hate and fear.

John R Stockwell, former CIA Officer

Director of CIA William Casey,

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

What does Wikipedia say of the Carnegie Endowment?

“The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (CEIP) is a nonpartisan foreign-policy think tank with centres in Washington DC, Moscow(!), Beirut, Beijing(!), Brussels(!), and New Delhi. Founded in 1910 by Andrew Carnegie, the organization describes itself as being dedicated to advancing cooperation between nations and promoting active international engagement by the United States.

In the University of Pennsylvania’s “2019 Global Go To Think Tanks Report”, Carnegie was ranked the #1 top think tank in the world. In the 2015 Global Go To Think Tanks Report, Carnegie was ranked the third most influential think tank in the world, after the Brookings Institution and Chatham House [RIIA]. It was ranked as the top Independent Think Tank in 2018.

The Chairperson of Carnegie’s Board of Trustees is former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, and the organization’s President is former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State William J Burns, who has been nominated to lead the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).”

One could call this a ‘revolving door’ between Foundations, Government executives, and CIA, as the Morgan bankers described it, part of the institutionalising of conflicts of interest. This is an exponential expansion of global power by the very few over the very many.

How long has this World march toward Communism been an Active Agenda?

Conspiratorial Fact; it’s on the record. Since the 1815 Congress of Vienna in which ‘representatives, emperor, prince, and minister of every government of Europe’, in between debauching themselves in booze-soaked orgies, over several months conspired to return the world to a feudalistic system controlled once again by themselves, led by Britain’s Lord Robert Castlereagh and Prince Clemens von Metternich:

“Metternich’s leading advisor (and enemy of Friedrich Schiller), Friedrich von Schlegel, stated that ‘the true nursery of all these destructive principles, the revolutionary school, for France and the rest of Europe, has been North American. Thence the evil has spread over many other lands, either by natural contagion, or by arbitrary communication’. Thus for the destructive principles or republicanism to become undone, America itself would have to be destroyed from within as would the ideas which inspired it everywhere they arose [such as Rhodesia!].”

Source: Matthew Ehret

This is why the destruction of Rhodesia into dictator Robert Mugabe’s Marxist Zimbabwe (Ruins) is not ‘just a footnote in history’. Today’s ongoing totalitarian Covid Coup D’etat against humanity is a culmination of over 200 years of this devious conspiracy fact.

Humanity is Fighting Back with #TheGreatReopening

“The Corbett Report reveals: #TheGreatReopening is happening as we speak. No, it will not be televised (or even YouTubed). Find out the details as James highlights the resistance movements that are rising up around the world on this week’s edition of #SolutionsWatch.”

The highly recommended full 40 minute interview of the great yet humble gentleman, Norman Dodd, is here:

“American Norman Dodd on the Hidden Agenda for World government”

Also his conversation with the late great Dr Stan Monteith:

Tax Exempt Foundations The Enemy Within – Norman Dodd Dr Stan Monteith MR
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