Wears War Has Moved! Find Out Why & Enjoy Our New Forever Home & New Beginnings!

Editor: Since we started the WearsWar blog-site in 2017 John Wear and I have witnessed numerous sites on this platform being unilaterally shutdown without warning or recourse. I have corresponded with four website creators who suffered this fate. They informed me that they were stunned when thousands of hours of their hard work, over years, were simply deleted in the blink of an eye! Despite not breaking any laws, they were not even afforded the opportunity to remove or alter the ‘offensive’ article or post. In fact, they were not even told how or when they had breached this platforms terms of service. A faceless and nameless Star Chamber deemed them guilty and so they were… deleted, irrevocably.

John Wear and I are bored of being hounded by faceless censors who hide behind a Corporate keyboard. What a way to make a living; controlling what your family and neighbors can see or read! I suppose those who worked for Big Tobacco also thought they were entitled to make a living suppressing the truth about cigarettes and health? Yes, the argument is that black and white. We’re not dealing with government censors, these are Big Corporations deciding what we cannot see and read!

A Monopoly Is By Definition Exclusive – Not Inclusive.

These Big Corporations now control virtually all the platforms that are the new Public Square of local, national and global community discussion and information in the modern Big Tech era. These are the Big Corporations that were built on the research, infrastructure and subsidies from the tax payers pocket and progressive Western Civilization. They have, like a cancer growth consuming its host, formed virtual monopolies and, just as Big Tobacco was never short of a dollar or job applicants, nor are these cannibalistic Corporations. (Do you ever wonder how a privately owned global-monopoly ‘ethically-emerged’?)

Sorry Corporate Censorship Hounds, You Can Keep Chasing The Vehicle We Abandoned: The Truth Will Out

We have now moved to our own website, WearsWar.com, with a new web-hosting service provider. One that provides totally secure censorship-free hosting infrastructure. Now the faceless Corporate Censors can chomp, chomp away at the abandoned vehicle we used – our virtual truck was powerful enough to move all our content to a new Home and we’re loving the ongoing redecoration process!

Most important, to us, was to preserve the comments of our readers under every article previously posted. These are your valued contributions to free discourse in the Public Square and should be respectfully preserved. Furthermore, it is not for Big Corp and their hired Corporate Career Censors to undo all our work and force us to start again as if we were new arrivals to the Public Square!

Inclusive Queen of Hearts

The Corporate Career Censors of the Mega-Monopolies use this tactic to frustrate and exhaust the men and women dedicated to investigating the facts and discovering the Truth, wherever it may lead us, without fear or favor. Our despondency is required for the Corporate Career Censors to receive their annual pay rise. Their Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is our successful exclusion from their InclusiveTM Public Square!

They can only achieve this KPI by cowardly cutting off one head at a time while believing themselves to be the Queen Of Hearts. Or in today’s vernacular, they believe they are the Queen Of InclusionTM with the right to destroy the lives and livelihood of anyone these exclusionists choose to exclude.

The Big Agenda: Big Corporations are exclusively inclusive, with the same morality as a platinum credit card.

This is why the new WearsWar.com proudly pays a modest fee to the small independent web-hosting service provider we selected. It is also why we will continue to promote the works and websites of others who strive to practice the inclusiveness of free debate in the global Public Square!

The InclusiveTM Davos Crowd You’re Excluded From

Meet the handful of employers of the Corporate Career Censors controlling the Public Square and defining the future for their paymasters.

Welcome To Davos And The Magnates of InclusiveTM Censorship:

Where Does It End? You’ll Own Nothing, Not Even Your Body

The upper echelons of InclusiveTM Corporations hire Corporate Career Censors

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3 Responses

  1. WakeyWakey says:

    Wise move, Wear’s War. We need to always stay one step ahead of the parasitic psychopathic New World Order cult. Keep sharing facts and exposing the lies – especially the fake WWII official narrative and unholy hoax. You are helping Break The Spell woven upon our minds by the Spellbinders. Really, they have been practicing Witchcraft against us since the tell-a-lie-vision was invented.

  2. papasha408 says:

    WakeyWakey, When you mention the tell-a-lie-vision, are you referring the Talmud-Vision Sets that give us our daily propaganda?

  3. Linde says:

    Ah yes. Stakeholder Capitalism of the Communist Revolution. It’s a Big Club and the stakeholders in the pyramid are not going to let anyone who is not on mantra and on message in. Looks like the new Wear’s War has got both the stake and the garlic on hand for the Vampyre Squid. Congratulations.

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