Historical Lie: Soviet Communist Agents Had No Influence On U.S. Foreign Policy During World War II. Communist Infiltration Of America Was A ‘Conspiracy Theory’.

The opening of the Soviet archives in 1995 revealed that more than 300 communist members or supporters had infiltrated the American government.


The Lie: Soviet agents had no influence on U.S. foreign policy during World War II.


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Credible Americans began ringing the alarm bells as early as 1918.  To foment a desired revolution infiltration of a nation’s institutions is necessary (as discussed here).


The Truth: The Soviet Union conspired to force Japan to attack the United States. Harry Dexter White, who was later proven to be a Soviet agent, carried out a mission to provoke Japan into war with the United States. When U.S. Secretary of State Cordell Hull allowed the peacemakers in Roosevelt’s administration to put together a modus vivendi that had real potential, White drafted a 10-point proposal that the Japanese were certain to reject. White passed a copy of his proposal to Hull, and this final American offer—the so-called “Hull note”—was presented to the Japanese on November 26, 1941.[1]

The Hull note, which was based on two memoranda from White, was a declaration of war as far as the Japanese were concerned. The Hull note destroyed any possible peace settlement with the Japanese, and led to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. In this regard, historian John Koster writes:


      Harry Dexter White, acting under orders from Soviet intelligence, pulled the strings by which Cordell Hull and [State Department expert on Far Eastern Affairs] Stanley Hornbeck handed the Japanese an ultimatum that was tantamount to a declaration of war—when both the Japanese cabinet and the U.S. military were desperately eager for peace.…Harry Dexter White knew exactly what he was doing. The man himself remains a mystery, but the documents speak for themselves. Harry Dexter White gave us Pearl Harbor.[2]


The Soviets had also planted numerous other agents in the Roosevelt administration. For example, Harold Glasser, a member of Morgenthau’s Treasury staff, provided intelligence from the War Department and the White House to the Soviets. Glasser’s reports were deemed so important by the NKVD that 74 reports generated from his material went directly to Josef Stalin. One historian writes of the Soviet infiltration of the U.S. government and its effect on Roosevelt:

      These spies, plus the hundreds in other U.S. agencies at the time, including the military and the OSS, permeated the administration in Washington, and, ultimately, the White House, surrounding FDR. He was basically in the Soviet’s pocket. He admired Stalin, sought his favor. Right or wrong, he thought the Soviet Union indispensable in the war, crucial to bringing world peace after it, and he wanted the Soviets handled with kid gloves. FDR was star struck. The Russians hardly could have done better if he was a Soviet spy.[3]



FDR even requested that the movie Mission To Moscow be made for American viewing. State Department experts on the Soviet Union called the movie “one of the most blatantly propagandistic pictures ever seen.” “When it was shown in Moscow, despite all the good will, people who saw it considered it a comedy—its portrayal of average, everyday life in the Soviet Union apparently way off the mark for 1943”.


The opening of the Soviet archives in 1995 revealed that more than 300 communist members or supporters had infiltrated the American government. Working in Lend-Lease, the Treasury Department, the State Department, the office of the president, the office of the vice president, and even American intelligence operations, these spies constantly tried to shift U.S. policy in a pro-Soviet direction. Many of these Soviet spies were well-positioned to influence American policy during World War II. Especially at the Tehran and Yalta meetings toward the end of World War II, the Soviet spies were able to influence Roosevelt to make huge concessions to the Soviet Union.[4]


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The alarms bells of Communist infiltration intended to stoke a revolution continued to ring long after WWII. Fortunately Hollywood, without any hidden agenda whatsoever, has produced countless movies informing us that the “Red Scare” was hysterical nonsense.

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Congressman Larry P. McDonald’s words are eerily similar to those of J. Edgar Hoover and David R. Francis, U.S. Ambassador to Russia in 1918. (See top image). Meanwhile, the question is frequently asked:

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Establishment historians characterize National Socialist Germany as a uniquely barbaric, vile and criminal regime that was totally responsible for starting World War II and carrying out some of the most heinous war crimes in world history. Germany’s War by John Wear refutes this characterization of Germany, bringing history into accord with the facts. Discover more about Germany’s War and purchasing options here.




[1] Koster, John, Operation Snow, Washington, D.C.: Regnery Publishing, Inc., 2012, pp. 135-137, 169.

[2] Ibid., p. 215.

[3] Wilcox, Robert K., Target: Patton, Washington, D.C.: Regnery Publishing, Inc., 2008, pp. 250-251.

[4] Folsom, Burton W. Jr. and Anita, FDR Goes to War, New York: Threshold Editions, 2011, pp. 242, 245.

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8 Responses

  1. Arch Stanton says:

    I always get a kick out of who’s to blame.

    “It’z da Rockefellers! No, it’z da Masons! No it’z da Illuminati! No, it’z da commies! No, it’z da Muslims! No, it’z stupid ol’ congress! No, it’z big business! No, it’z da gubment! No, it’z da stupid ol’ prezident! No, it’z alien grays! No, it’z da lizard people! No it’z . . .”

    In fact there is always someone or something to blame – but never the Jews!

    Those who have yet to read Major Jordan’s Diary will find the following interesting in that it vindicates Joseph McCarthy’s later claims of Judaeocommunist agents honeycombing the American government. – http://jrbooksonline.com/PDF_Books/From_Russia_With_Love-Col_Jordan-1952-28pg-POL.pdf

    It is interesting how Soviet Judaeocommunist were given the technical data and materials to construct an atomic bomb even before America had exploded its first test example. Jews knew from the outset how they would manipulate this technology to foment future wars.

    Cowardly Jews have lusted for the immense, overwhelming power attributed to their god YHVH ever since they made up his character, like one of their comic book superheroes. The atomic bomb gave Jews the power of their gawd almighty. The “Manhattan Project” was a Jew bomb from it’z inception. “Manhattan” – get it?

    All the crucial elements of the Manhattan Project were managed by Jews and few outside top level Jews, understood the ramifications of the project. Due to intentional and highly secretive compartmentalization, rank and file workers had no idea what they were working on. Among the scientists privy to the possible dangers presented by the bomb’s fission reaction, around half thought there was a better than fifty-fifty chance the reaction would be unstoppable and wind up incinerating Earth’s atmosphere. This fear was portrayed in the 1960’s Hollywood movieVoyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

    Who but the murderously psychopathic Jew would even consider rolling such cosmic dice? Consider also that Robert Oppenheimer once tried murdering one of his university professors with a poison apple – How psychopathic! How Chooish! Oppenheimer would later recall a passage from the Hindu scripture, Bhagavad-Gita, “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” Oppenheimer spoke not only of himself, but his entire race.

    The Manhattan project cost billions of 1940 dollars “Ballpark Estimate: $2 Billion in 1945 dollars”. Only the wealth of the Rothschilds could have provided funding for such a project in the middle of a war that was piling mountains of debt on the American public, so soon after the “great depression” fomented by the Rothschild’s Federal Reserve. The original $6,000 congress authorized for the Manhattan Project grew to $2 billion in few years. Typical Jew, get the schnozz in the door with an unsuspecting political feint, then enlarge the program far beyond the nebulous claims of the original budget appropriation with “off budget” funding. In true criminal mafia style, the plutonium was delivered to the Trinity test site in the trunk of a beat up old Chevy sedan with only the driver; there were no guards or other security measures taken.

    Imagine a criminal cabal that makes the average Mafia don look like a flaming faggot, Jewish Boy Scout Master and you have an inkling of who is “administrating” not only America’s government, but all the western governments of the once civilized world.

    • Nikolay says:

      Hi. Arch!
      “,,,of the once civilized world.”
      Civilization without culture…most terrible thing. The end of the world history looming.

  2. larryzb says:

    Robert Wilcox, in his book, Target Patton {from 2008), writes that “the Soviets could hardly have done better if FDR himself had been a Soviet agent” – paraphrasing from memory (I read that book this past March). Wilcox is not a revisionist, but the research he did of the period (1930s – 1940s) informed him that there were communist agents, dupes and fellow travelers throughout the Roosevelt Administration. Sadly, even this truth does not diminish the halo of FDR in some people’s eyes. It is a pity that the above facts will not be included in the history texts our children and grandchildren study in the public schools.

    I must disagree with the opinion of FDR’s son-in-law that FDR was manipulated by the Jews around him. Roosevelt was a statist and was enamored or infatuated with Stalin, perhaps envying Stalin for not being constrained by a national charter like the US Constitution. Wilcox’s book informed me just how far the US military was ordered to assist, accommodate, and yield to the Red Army in Europe during (and after) the war. These directives came largely from Army Chief of Staff, Marshall, and FDR. Now, giving much of Europe to Stalin was really good for the cause of Western civilization and democracy. Wasn’t it?! (The world endured the Cold War and many proxy wars around the globe because of the outcome in Europe in 1945.)

  3. WakeyWakey says:

    What’s even more alarming is that all these communist infiltrators into the US and throughout western nations have not ‘gone away’ with the fall of the Soviet Union – on the contrary, and here in the link below is our warning and education as to what communism looks like, its devious nature and the use of the ‘environment’ and the pseudo science of the fake ‘global warming’ being used as the trigger to introduce communism by stealth to the west.

    Also, Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics revealed that he was at a formal luncheon and seated next to environmentalists who – thinking he was an ‘insider’ – informed him that global warming was not about the environment at all, it was about DE-population.



    We have been warned! We MUST educate ourselves about this.

    “You [North] Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept Communism outright; but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you will finally wake up and find that you already have Communism. We won’t have to fight you; we’ll so weaken your economy, until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”

    Nikita Khrushchev (1960)

    ‘Communism can be characterized by a single word: deception. Communists never disclose their real intentions. They are fraudsters who employ different identities, names and slogans, all for one goal: totalitarian enslavement. Since 1970, the goal of the Communist Party USA has been to subvert environmentalism and use it to advance their agenda………’

    • Arch Stanton says:

      “Communism can be characterized by a single word: deception.”

      There’s a reason it’z called Judaeocommunism.

      Mossad Motto – “By way of deception thou shalt do war.”

      I think that covers it.

  4. WakeyWakey says:

    Eustace Mullins in “THE WORLD ORDER: OUR SECRET RULERS” 2nd ed. 1992, (no copyright) wrote:

    ‘The WORLD ORDER has no religious, political or economic program except World Slavery. Only by subduing all potential opposition can the parasite guarantee his position of lodging on the host. The WORLD ORDER sets up countless groups to promote any type of idea, and then sets up other groups to fanatically oppose them, but the masters have no dedication to anything except slavery.

    As R E McMaster wrote in THE REAPER, “The goal of international communism is not to destroy Western international debt capitalism. The goal of international communism is to enslave mankind at the behest of Western international debt capitalism.”

    This is all you can ever know about the present world situation, and it is all you need to know.’

    Eustace Mullins also revealed that the “Soviet threat” was nothing more than a boogeyman set up by the WORLD ORDER parasitic class (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, British/European Royalty and the general aristocracy – an inbred pathocracy):

    ‘In fact the Soviet Empire is the empire that never was. There was a Russian Empire, under the Romanovs, but after the biggest heist in history, when the richest man in the world, Czar Nicholas, was robbed, and he and his family murdered by [Jewish] thugs who called themselves “Communists”, a tremendous propaganda campaign, aided and abetted by the kept press [presstitutes] of the world, has sought to convince us that Communism exists, and that the Soviet Empire exists.

    I have detailed the financial and other support given to the “Soviets” by Americans, and most of all, the American taxpayer, on an ongoing basis since 1917 to the present day. President Bush is now beating the bushes for hundreds of billions of additional aid to Russia. This is nothing new. He is carrying on the tradition established by his grandfather and namesake, George Herbert Walker, when he became a director of American International Corp., a Wall Street firm set up to finance the Bolshevik Revolution.

    What really happened in Russia in 1917? Through the furtive acts of BRITISH SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE (British SIS) agents in Moscow, the Romanov government was overthrown, and a provincial government installed.

    IN 1917, RUSSIA JOINED THE UNITED STATES AS A COLONY OF THE BANK OF ENGLAND. The Czar’s fortune was used, among other things, to purchase the stock of the Federal Reserve Banks for $144,000,000. Today, the rightful owners of that stock are the heirs of the Romanovs.

    George Orwell envisioned the world of 1984, in which two rival powers maintained perpetual hostility and martial law but never went to war against each other. 1984 continued in effect until one player, the United States, weakened and could no longer afford to subsidize its rival. What happened to the world Communist threat was that the American taxpayer, looted and betrayed by the minions of the WORLD ORDER, could no longer afford to pay for Communism in Russia.’

    He goes on to say that this charade involved the British SIS, Mossad, the KGB and the CIA.

    ‘Why did these financiers indulge in this charade? For a very simple economic reason. Since 1917, the enormous wealth and potential productivity of the Russian people has been withheld from the world. A GREAT RIVAL has been handcuffed and condemned to prison. The problem which the conspirators of the world now face is – how can they continue to hold Russia down?’

    Mullins states that the CIA were responsible for diligently ensuring the ‘Soviet boogeman’ farce survived so long by promoting a false image of Russia: “We now know that the Russian economy was NEVER more than one-tenth of the annual figures furnished to our officials by the CIA……When Russia showed signs of collapse, WORLD ORDER leaders were rushed to Moscow to shore up the ruins. President Bush himself made repeated trips to Russia for the TRILATERAL COMMISSION, to preserve the Soviet dictatorship.’

    It is quite clear the Americans like to donate their hard earned tax dollars to their enemies. The parasitic suckers of Israel today continue on in an feeding frenzy (billions of dollars each year). What a generous peoples!

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