The Jewish Mafia: The Books of Herve Ryssen Reviewed By Larry

Jews cannot see any rational justification for “anti-Semitism” (really this means any criticism of, or opposition to, the Jews and their actions and agenda).  Thus, the Jews assert that “anti-Semitism” is a mental illness, and an indication of insanity.  As well, Jews always try to make us believe that those opposed to the Jews are not merely enemies of the Jews but are enemies of all humanity. 

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This post is reprinted with permission from LARRYSMUSINGS (since deleted by WordPress without warning). Minor edits for formatting purposes and additional images have been included.

The Books Of Herve Ryssen

There are many books written about the Jews (and their many contributions or effects on history and society) by Jews and Jewish apologists that can be easily purchased through the large publishing houses, in the book stores and online.

But, what of thoroughly researched and annotated works of recent years that are critical of the Jews and their undeniable effects upon Western societies in the past few centuries?  Why are many of such written works banned from online retailers and cannot be found in the bookstores?

Herve Ryssen (born 1967) researched and wrote several lengthy books on Jews, their actions, and their effects on Western societies.  These books were written between 2005 and 2010.  (Although a few titles in his series of books do appear on Amazon for greatly inflated prices, very few book publishers are willing to print any of these in the US.)  Let’s briefly list the books in his series on the Jews and their role in Western society and history.  And, make no mistake, to acquire a more complete and more accurate understanding of the contemporary world, a concerned citizen must understand and appreciate the very significant role the Jews have played in shaping our contemporary world.  (It appears that Mr. Ryssen is currently embroiled in legal proceedings in Europe.  Alas, in the various EU countries, there are restrictions on the freedom of speech.)

  1. Planetary Expectations
  2. Pyschoanalysis of Judaism
  3. Jewish Fanaticism: equality, human rights, tolerance
  4. The Mirror on Judaism: the accusatory inversion
  5. The Jewish Mafia: The Great International Predators
  6. History of Anti-Semitism

Fortunately, there is a short book that captures the essence of the above 6 tomes and is available in the US.  This is the book, Understanding the Jews, Understanding Anti-Semitism.  (As well, 2 of the above six titles are now also available in the US in English.  We provide links below.)

Available online from The Barnes Review:  Understanding Jews, Understanding Anti-Semitism.

Note: The reproduced woodcut from the Middle Ages on the cover depicts the burnings of Jews during the Black Death in 1349.  Sadly and unjustly, Jews were blamed for the spread of the bubonic plague in some locales at the time.  Religious authorities condemned this and pointed out that the Jews were also succumbing to, and dying from the plague just as non-Jews were.

Our Brief Commentary

Having previously over many years read a number of books on the Jews and their actions (documenting and exposing Jewish villainy), much of what I read in the above book was not new to me.  But, for a reader not very familiar with the history of the Jews, or the undeniably Jewish role in much important history of the past couple hundred years, this book is recommended as a thorough introduction to the subject.

Jews cannot see any rational justification for “anti-Semitism” (really this means any criticism of, or opposition to, the Jews and their actions and agenda).  Thus, the Jews assert that “anti-Semitism” is a mental illness, and an indication of insanity.  As well, Jews always try to make us believe that those opposed to the Jews are not merely enemies of the Jews but are enemies of all humanity.  And, they have been quite effective at that in the past several decades.  But, when confronting the terribly destructive effects the Jews have had on Western civilization in recent history (discussed in the above book), one may come to a different conclusion.

Far from the so-called “anti-Semite” being insane, the person (man or woman) that calls out evil for what it is in these times of mass brainwashing is much like the child who dared to say aloud that the emperor really had no clothes! – He was the only honest and fully sane individual!

The Jews have lied so long that it does appear they believe their lies and can no longer discern nor recognize the truth.  Thus, they are effectively disconnected from reality.  What more and more people are beginning to resent and to more actively oppose is the peculiarly Jewish drive to make all humanity a demoralized, homogeneous mass of sheep.  (We have previously noted on this blog the fact that the cosmopolitan Jews work in every host society in which they are found to change that society’s culture, morals and political and economic life.  (And, as such, any nationalism which counters Jewish plans is the enemy of all humanity!))  The above book (which we just read in the past few days) actually is good backup for our earlier essay (March, 2018) on Explorations in the Semitic dimension.

The Jews, as discussed in the book, project their sins and character flaws on to those who oppose their destructive schemes.  Jewish intellectuals, those who have spearheaded many of the revolutionary movements (social, economic, political) in the Western world in the past 2 centuries, are rarely intellectually honest.  It is easier for them to demonize the goyim (non-Jews) than to face up to their very own harmful and destructive actions.

But, as we all know, the Jews cannot ever be guilty of anything!

The thoughtful, critical reader is compelled to a choice: the Jews who do such harm to their host societies are either evil, or criminally insane (and, in some instances, possibly motivated by a self-hatred projected on to others).

Other Books Currently Available in the US (in English translation)

A large book of hundreds of pages is History of Anti-Semitism.  The cover depicts the burning of the Talmud in Medieval Europe.  (For those non-Jews unfamiliar with The Talmud, it is the governing book of modern Judaism and contains many very vile anti-Christ and anti-Christian verses in it.)

Available online from The Barnes Review: History of Anti-Semitism.

The Jewish Mafia tells of the vicious Jewish organized crime syndicates and their very destructive effects on society.

Available online from The Barnes Review: The Jewish Mafia.

We now have copies of these 2 lengthy works (pictured above) but have only just begun to look them over.  These appear to be quite thoroughly researched and can serve as reference works.

Of course, the many written works that defend and talk up Jews are rarely criticized in reviews and are never banned.  The below pictured book I read about 25 years ago.  It is co-authored by a leading and long-time Christian Zionist, and by a Jew.  This book makes the assertion that “anti-Semitism” is largely the result of jealousy and envy of the achievements of the Jews by others who are not so gifted.  The authors, a Christian Zionist and a Jew, can hardly be thought of as objective social critics.

Jew worshipping, counterfeit Christians such as Pastor Hagee, with his organization, Christians United for Israel (CUFI), do much harm by giving unquestioning support at all times and in all matters to Jews and to the state of Israel.  We have recommended in previous posts on this blog that people must govern their religious fervor with reason or risk degenerating into harmful fanaticism.  Sadly, our sound advice is largely ignored.

Here is a video on YouTube (with English subtitles) of Ryssen’s discussion of the Jewish role in the Bolshevik Revolution.

Editor: Due to Larry’s site being deleted by WordPress some links are lost. Below is an alternative, but relevant, video link.

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6 Responses

  1. WakeyWakey says:

    The book “The Jewish Mafia” above (sold by THE BARNES REVIEW) reveals that the Italian Mafia were a small largely insignificant mafia in comparison to the enormous Jewish Mafia. The latter tolerated, controlled and used them as a ‘front’ to hide behind.

    The Russian mafia/Russian oligarchs were never called by their correct name – the Jewish Russian Mafia/Jewish Oligarchs. All forms of media from press to hollywood censored this fact.

    Note there is not a single hollywood movie on the talmudist Jewish Mafia. Not even a Spielberg blockbuster! The ‘evil and wicked’ criminal Italian mafia are always portrayed in combination with their devotion to ‘Catholicism’.

    The powerful Jewish Mafia called the Italian Mafia the ‘Mickey Mouse Mafia’ which fact alone confirms it all. It is not the Italian Mafia that trades in human trafficking and the massive criminal enterprise in human body parts. All mentioned in that book.

  2. larryzb says:

    Another author, who has written on the Jews’ revolutionary nature and the harm they have done, is E. Michael Jones. He takes Jews to task over theological and moral matters. Last evening, I read his short book, Catholics and the Jew Taboo, (Fidelity Press, 2018). He addresses the reason why the Catholic Church has lost every single battle in the “culture war” since 1965 is because they will not name, and thus clearly identify, their enemy. All sorts of euphemisms are employed in talks and papers by leading Catholics, such as “secularizing activists”. This really is referring to Jews, and these Jews boast in their magazines of playing the leading roles in giving us so-called “gay marriage” in recent years. But, previously, the Jews played leading roles in giving us pornography, abortion and homosexuality (Ryssen also notes the Jewish acceptance of and vigorous promotion of homosexuality). The Jews have worked to undermine and destroy the traditional family in America.

    Before continuing, let me add that readers of my blog know of my frequent condemnation of Christian Zionism, as religious error, even heresy, in many Protestant denominations. Today, I wish to point out that the Catholic Church over the past several decades has succumbed to Jewish influence in its thinking and in its alterations of its long-held teachings as regards the Jews. This is not to debate religion or theology, but to point out that there are almost no major institutions that have not been impacted by the Jewish drive for power in the “Jewish century”, the 20th century. (Hopefully, an overdue inflection point will be coming in the not too distant future such that Jewish power will be at least partially rolled back.)

    Since 1965, the end of the Second Vatican Council (1962 – 1965), the Catholic Church has “re-examined” its relationship with the Jews. There is point of intersection here with the official holocaust tale. Jewish pressure groups were asserting that the holocaust could only have taken place given the nearly 2,000 years of official Christian “anti-Semitism”. It was only because of a long enduring cultural environment and context (milieu) that was so terribly hateful of the Jews, that the Europeans could assist in mass deportations and then in exterminations of millions of Jews. Unfortunately, many Catholic prelates bought into this nonsense. (In the writings of Joh n Paul II, one can find passages where he laments that we (referring to Catholics over the centuries) had been wrong in how Jews were treated by the Church, that the Church had misjudged the Jews in the past.) Although Jones does not mention the holocaust factor, he points out that the Jew Taboo has more power over most Catholics (both religious and the laity) than their commitment to long-standing Catholic moral teachings. Since Vatican II, popes have entered synagogues, but not to preach the Gospel!.. Previously, only the first pope, St. Peter, had done so, and he entered a synagogue to preach the Gospel.

    John Paul II had the temerity to make “anti-Semitism” a sin. This was after Vatican officials had been meeting with representatives and officers from various Jewish pressure groups (including from America, the ADL) in the hopes of achieving better relations with the Jews. Of course, one quickly sees 2 problems with this papal fiat. First, why the special status of sin for hating Jews as contrasted to hating any other group of human beings (Chinese, blacks, Arabs, etc.)? Second, just who gets to define this sinful “anti-Semitism”?! The Jews?! It really is sad that the Catholic Church seeks better relations with the Jews while the Jews work incessantly to destroy the Church.

    The moral of the story, of course, is that we must break this “Jew Taboo” and name the enemies of Christian civilization, and thus be able to effectively counter the harm that they continue to inflict upon us.

    Other books by Jones (I have not read these and thus cannot give an opinion on these, but cite these as evidence that there are other writers who have grappled with this “Jewish problem”) are The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, and, The Catholic Church and the Jews, also, The Jews and Moral Subversion. Jones’ approach is from theology and traditional Christian morality rather than from an ideological or political basis.

    It really does appear that the so-called New World Order (NWO) could be more accurately labelled as the Jew World Order (JWO).

    Here is a post from another blogger that may be thought provoking for some interested readers:

    Thank you for allowing me to comment here. Sorry, to be so long-winded, but this is an important matter, I believe.

    • Truth_Be_Told says:

      In 1540 AD, it was a coterie of “Marrano” (swine, or pig) or “Converso” (converted) “Jews” around Ignatius Loyola, who created the ‘Society of Jesus’ (Jesuit Order) with the assistance of Venetian Cardinal (also “Jew”) Gasparo Contarini. It was this “Jew”-created-and-controlled Jesuit Order, that HIJACKED the Roman Catholic Church (Vatican). In 1540 AD. That was 479 years ago. Read THE OCCULT RENAISSANCE CHURCH OF ROME, by historian Michael A. Hoffman II, for the details. By the 1820’s the (((Rothschilds))) became “Bankers-to-the-Vatican”. Also, read THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN, by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. Follow the “money”. Study the (((Rothschild))) family. Read the THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.

  3. Mike Walsh says:

    It is a medical and undeniable fact that most if not all Jews bear genes associated with schizophrenia, illusions of paranoia, and victim-hood. Because of their natural cunning and, ability to stick together like burrs, to synchronise as sweeps of starlings, such handicaps are advantages when used by immoral manipulative schizophrenics.

  4. Mevashir says:

    This autobiography of Meyer Lansky implies much of what is written here. If you read between the lines, Lansky boasts of the Jewish control over the “Italian Mafia”:

  5. z says:

    A very interesting article, and books. But if we not interrupt with talking about Christians, Jews, Muslims etc etc,, we will hardly be able to narrowing in the perpetrators. Its not the above mentioned, but rather extremists within those religions. They have for thousands of years infiltrated religions or all other organisations, and now ‘its the last blood’. Either we take it with us, or not, but now is the moment. ‘they’ did the first blood, not We

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