Ordered For Interrogation: Alfred Schaefer’s Speech About His Father’s Escape From Eisenhower’s Death Camps

“My father had told us of his ordeal as a young medical student. He had been held in one of these camps. He told us about how he had tried to dig a hole in the ground, in the dirt, with a spoon, to find shelter from the elements, but there was no shelter to be found”.

Schaefer family.png
Monika Schaefer, Alfred Schaefer, their father Dr Otto Schaefer.

A Message From Alfred Schaefer 27 Febuary 2018:

Dear Friends,

Recently I was attacked in my home again, for the third time now, and all of my computer and communication equipment was stolen. They did this because of my efforts to get my courageous sister Monika out of the gulag. They kidnapped her recently and wanted her to disappear. I am writing this from GERMANY, not from one of those “bad” countries like North Korea, or Russia, or Iran.

Then they ordered me to appear in one of their interrogation centers. I have declined this and have sent them a letter which can now be seen in this 9 minute video. Please take the time to view this, as our success is dependent on understanding the reality unfolding around us and engaging them.

This is not a game.

[Editor: You’ll be surprised to learn that the video has been deleted by Youtube.]

Capt. Ben H. Jackson said that when he approached one of the camps along the Rhine: “I could smell it a mile away. It was barbaric.”
There [were] 10,000 or more German prisoners in this [one] open field, standing shoulder to shoulder. This bunch of prisoners [were] there for three days or more with no food or water, no shelter… Most of the guards were very brutal… On the morning the prisoners were moved out… mud was deep as far as I could see. Heads, arms and legs of the dead were sticking out of the mud. It made me sick and disgusted.”

Alfred Schaefer’s speech given at the German POW Remembrance gathering on 25 November 2017, translated by Monika Schaefer:

The world-wide awakening, or “Zeitgeist“ is progressing at an explosive rate. 
The police officers are here to protect us and guarantee our safety and not to prohibit us from speaking freely.
In the United States of America the most criminal elements are being exposed and their freedom of movement is being limited.
We need to understand and to use this new Zeitgeist.
Today, we are gathered here in remembrance of our ancestors, to honour them, and to mourn for them. 
Nobody can stop us from doing this.
Now to my speech:

Only recently, about 3 years ago, did I first hear anything about these Rhine Meadow Death Camps. It was Christopher Bollyn, an independent American Journalist, who gave me his copy of Other Losses written by Canadian author James Bacque. Christopher is the pioneering investigative journalist exposing what actually happened behind the scenes before, during, and after the event of September 11 2001. 

In his book, James Bacque describes how AFTER open hostilities had officially ceased in 1945, German prisoners of war had been rounded up and held in huge open fields, fenced in, without any shelter to protect against rain and cold, herded together like cattle.

As planned, basic food and water was systematically withheld from these prisoners to deliberately let them die as cruelly as possible by starvation and exposure to the elements. 

Reading this book triggered my own childhood memories of my Dad’s stories a long time ago. I was one of 5 children, in the 1960’s in Canada. My father had told us of his ordeal as a young medical student. He had been held in one of these camps. He told us about how he had tried to dig a hole in the ground, in the dirt, with a spoon, to find shelter from the elements, but there was no shelter to be found. He told us about how young men, who had been quite healthy when they arrived, died within days, and how their bodies were taken day after day. 
He told us how one of the guards had helped him to escape this camp. This guard understood that my Dad’s language and medical skills may be more useful outside of this prison camp. This guard was a human being and had some empathy left inside of him. Unfortunately I can not remember any more details from what he was telling us. 

For us children the world that our Dad was telling us about was as far away as a different universe. These stories then disappeared down the memory-hole. We were living in Canada, in a world of Peace, Prosperity, and Fun.

In hindsight I can vaguely remember the following:
When the book Other Losses, by James Bacque was discussed on Canadian radio after its publication in about 1990, my dad was furious that it took over 50 years to even talk about it. And then it was never again mentioned in the media, and so it vanished from our memory.

Now, back again to the time when I was a little boy. That was a time when, if there happened to be a bully in the school yard who tried to tyrannise us with bad names we protected ourselves with a little song.
Every child in Canada knew this song. It went like this:

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.
That was a little children’s song and we were immune against verbal attacks.

And what do we see today?

We are being beaten to the ground, to our knees, with WORDS. We are crawling on the ground full of shame and self hatred. The Germans and the entire world has been smothered with horrible atrocity propaganda for over one hundred years now. This is done to destroy our roots, our own heritage. It is done to make it impossible to commemorate our ancestors with dignity, with honour, and with pride.
On a global scale, people are now beginning to understand that the genocide against the German people was nothing more than the first step in a most insidious plan to enslave all the European peoples. The perpetrators of this plan had fomented and incited the European peoples to destroy their very own heart, namely the German peoples.
The fact that the genocide of the German peoples was the intention all along is proven by documented publications. Whether we look at the plans that the JEW Morgenthau had, or the JEW Theodor Kaufmann with his crude publication titled Germany Must Perish
These plans were openly discussed and favourably accepted by the so called victorious “Allies“.

And today this genocidal agenda has been expanded to include all of the European peoples, because it is these peoples who are standing in the way of this monster to rule the planet. One glance in any of our European cities makes this abundantly clear. And the point we find ourselves today, where this monster has taken this to, has triggered an awakening. This awakening is GLOBAL. 

This biological attack on our white race is being recognized as such! This recognition is triggering the biological response, which can be observed world wide. 

We are supposed to think that we are tiny little and isolated helpless individuals, but that is not so. Everywhere, in all layers of society, in every town, in every street, the people are waking up!!!

As one can observe in Nature, a healing can only begin when the organism that is under attack, recognizes that it is in fact under attack. It is at this point now, that the European peoples find themselves.

It has been the deception that has made it impossible for us to understand and to recognize how all of this fits together and to understand where this is leading to. The motto of the Israeli secret service is, “By way of deception thou shalt do war.”

The book written by James Bacque about these Rhein Meadow death camps with the title Other Losses, describes precisely this aspect of this genocide.

How is it possible to murder millions of Germans after open hostilities have officially ended, without anyone taking notice of it?

Germany Must Perish
“…the minimum estimate of 9.3 million Germans who died needlessly after the war. This is far more Germans than died during the Second World War. Millions of these Germans slowly starved to death while the Allies withheld available food. The majority of these postwar dead Germans were women, children and very old men. Their deaths have never been honestly reported…” Source

For us Europeans,  it has always been that our greatest challenges have been mastered when we were under pressure. And now we find ourselves under pressure. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our backs against the wall. In all the White countries on this planet. This existential solidarity is only possible because we now understand the reality and the truth.

We were manipulated to massacre each other with blind hatred until we were drowning in our own blood. This hatred was based on nothing but lies and incitement.

Unfortunately we can still hear individual voices that are asking for apologies from, for example the English or the Americans, for what happened in Dresden and other cities in Germany. This can not be. Regrets, yes, but no apologies.

Try to imagine the following scenario:   I have been manipulated to take a knife and then I stab myself in my own heart. This stab wound is not fatal, as was intended, and I slowly recover from this bizarre attack. Is my hand now guilty? Or is it the monster that has manipulated me to do that?

See, how absurd that is? My hand and my heart are parts of the same body. That is why I say unequivocally, no European needs to apologise by any other European for things that we have done to each other in the past. We need to UNDERSTAND what has been done to us, and that we need each other.

If we continue to allow ourselves to be manipulated and abused, then we will have to apologise to our own children.

Briefly now on Thinking and Doing:
How was it possible that we were not able to resist this horrible self-mutilation? Because we were not able to see through it, and that way we allowed ourselves to be abused.

We now have a situation that is comparable to the following scenario:
You are playing cards in a game that has been going on now for a long long time. The stakes in this game are very high. It is an all or nothing game. Suddenly you notice that the cards that you are dealt, are marked.

What do you do? You can only lose if you continue this game with these marked cards. Your life depends on this game. I don’t know what you would do, but I would immediately slap each and every marked card that I found on the table and fiercely demand an explanation. 

We have been forced to use words that have the same effect as marked cards.
These words are all those words that the enemy is using the most in the propaganda against us. For example:

Hate speech, or Holocaust, or Holocaust denier, or Refugees instead of Invaders, or White supremacist, or anti-Semite.  Because everyone now knows that the so-called Holocaust is nothing but an insidious lie to extort vast sums of money from us all and to divert attention away from the genocide of the German people. The words are constantly being updated to fit the specific host people.

These words induce guilt complexes and endless justification rituals in the host population with which these are manipulated. These words are to be treated the same as the marked cards in the game of all or nothing. The stakes are our very survival.  Not one of these words can be permitted to go through.

To end this talk, I want to briefly help you to understand the emerging mood in the United States of America. Here is a meme that is making the rounds everywhere throughout the white population:

“Do or Die”.

In the mind of every white American who voted for Donald Trump – whether conscious or unconscious – “make America great again” meant “make America white again.” We are approaching the defining moment of American history.  It is left to us – just us – to step up and claim rightful ownership of this nation, and to show the people the Jews who stole it from us.

And I will tell you this: it can be done. Once we have the people behind us, the war is already over. At that point, we can directly – and maybe even peacefully – reclaim everything that was taken from us. It’s a big job. But it is what all of this has been leading up to. The final showdown. Us vs. them.

End of the meme.

The reason for my great Optimism is that we have now recognized the cause and reason and are able to deal with this, instead of continuing to suffer and doctoring around on the symptoms. 


Alfred Schaefer

Source: AmericanNS

DXFpfYvXkAEaYTw.jpg large.jpg
Father and child. Note the Edelweiß (Edelweiss flower) pin on his cap.

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9 Responses

  1. John Wear says:

    Numerous people have described the lethal conditions in Bretzenheim.

    For example, Rudi Buchal had been ordered to serve as a German medical orderly-clerk in the POW “hospital” at Bretzenheim, a tent with an earth floor inside the camp. The hospital had no beds, no medical supplies, no blankets, and starvation rations for the first month or more. A few supplies were later obtained by American teams from the German towns nearby. Buchal was told by drivers of the 560th Ambulance Company that 18,100 POWs had died in the six camps round Bretzenheim in the 10 weeks of American control. Buchal also heard the figure of 18,100 dead from the Germans who were in charge of the hospital statistics, and from other American hospital personnel. The six camps were Bretzenheim, Biebelsheim, Bad Kreuznach, Dietersheim, Hechtsheim, and Heidesheim.

    • wearswar says:

      In stark contrast: “…Germany built highly sophisticated and expensive disinfestation facilities at Auschwitz/Birkenau to kill lice and save inmate lives. By one estimate, the SS at Auschwitz spent almost $1 billion in today’s values to bring the typhus epidemics raging there under control.[22] An enormous amount of information exists concerning these German delousing facilities[23], but no similar information exists regarding the alleged homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz/Birkenau.”

      • Daniel says:

        While true, Soviet pows died in their countless thousands in similar conditions to the deaths in the Rhineland camps. It doesn’t excuse the allies actions, but it’s wrong to claim the Germans did nothing wrong and always treated their pows with respect. In regards soviet pows this is far from accurate and closer to genocide than anything else.
        Ironic from a long term pov as these pows were mostly from western Russia so closer racially and culturally to the rest of Europe whereas the armies that overran the Reich included large numbers of central and far eastern troops who had come from regions not hit by the war and who consequently went on to become a larger percentage of the soviet population than they had before.

  2. WakeyWakey says:

    “Other Losses” – a film by author James Bacque
    Exposing censored information of the deliberate starvation of German POWs (and other post war crimes against German civilians) AFTER WWII by mass murderer Eisenhower according to the Morgenthau Plan, a plan Churchill was against until he received $6 billion from Morgenthau for his ‘co-operation’. Excellent film footage.

    Germany has still had no freedom of speech since the end of WWII – there are
    100 American military bases stationed in occupied Germany today. Meanwhile America itself is occupied by the Ashkenazis who use the US military to carry out wars for the benefit of Rothschild bankers’Israel expansionist program:


    US Naval Doctor:
    “Over a period of years Germans were subject to physical and psychic trauma unparalleled in history.”

  3. larryzb says:

    From a moral philosophy standpoint, one cannot accept the actions of the victorious Allies. American and Britain were allegedly Christian nations, too. This type of cruel and vindictive treatment is the result partly of the exhortations of the Jews (both East and West) for vengeance and revenge. But, that does not give the non-Jewish participants a free pass.

    The depredations and outrages of the Mongols (13th century) pale in comparison to the behavior of the Allies during and after the war.


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