The Real Crimes Of The Buchenwald Concentration Camp Were By The Communist Inmates

The media endlessly reports the horrific crimes committed by Germany in the so-called Holocaust. This article shows that, at least in Buchenwald, many of the crimes committed in the camp were by Communist inmates.

Crimes Committed by Communist Inmates at Buchenwald

In addition to crimes committed by Germans, many of the crimes committed against Buchenwald inmates were by the underground Communist camp organization that gained almost total control of Buchenwald after 1943. This situation was reported in a U.S. Army intelligence document dated April 24, 1945, entitled Buchenwald: A Preliminary Report. The confidential report noted that as large numbers of inmates began arriving at Buchenwald during the war, the understaffed SS had to turn over an ever larger share of camp administration to the inmates themselves. By 1943 the well-organized and disciplined Communist inmate organization had obtained almost total control of Buchenwald’s internal operation. The report states:

      The trusties had wide powers over their fellow inmates. At first they were drawn almost exclusively from the German criminals. This period lasted until 1942. But gradually the Communists began to gain control of this organization. They were the oldest residents, with records of 10-12 years in the concentration camps…They clung together with remarkable tenacity, whereas the criminal elements were simply out for their own individual welfare and had little group cohesiveness. The Communists maintained excellent discipline and received a certain amount of direction from outside the camp. They had brains and technical qualifications for running the various industries established at the camp.

Their advances were not made without resistance from the criminals, but gradually the criminals were eliminated from power, partly by intimidation, partly with the aid of the SS. Numbers of the criminals were killed by beatings, hangings, or injections of phenol into the heart or of air or milk in the veins. The injections were a specialty of the camp doctor, who became a partisan of the Communist faction.

Besides the top positions in the trusty organization, there were a number of key Communist strongholds in the administration of the camp. One was the food supply organization, through which favored groups received reasonable rations while others were brought to the starvation level. A second was the hospital, staffed almost exclusively by Communists. Its facilities were largely devoted to caring for members of their party…Another Communist stronghold was the Property Room…Each German trusty obtained good clothing and numerous other valuables. The Communists of Buchenwald, after ten or twelve years in concentration camps, are dressed like prosperous business men. Some affect leather jackets and little round caps reminiscent of the German navy, apparently the uniform of revolution.[1]

Inmates not favored by Communists including Communist Jews such as Emil Carlebach, the leader of the Jewish section of the Communist camp organization.

As a result of all this:

“The trusties, who in time became almost exclusively Communist Germans, had the power of life and death over all other inmates. They could sentence a man or group to almost certain death…The Communist trusties were directly responsible for a large part of the brutalities committed at Buchenwald.”[2]

The report states that Dr. Waldemar Hoven, the Buchenwald physician, had been a Communist ally who killed numerous criminal and anti-Communist political prisoners with lethal injections. The SS tried and convicted Dr. Hoven for murder, but he was reprieved after 18 months in jail because of the wartime shortage of doctors. The Communists tried to protect Dr. Hoven after the war; however, he was sentenced to death by a U.S. military tribunal and executed in 1948.[3]

The report mentions that the Communists in Buchenwald killed large numbers of Polish inmates who refused to submit to their rule. The Communists also forced French inmates to give up thousands of Red Cross parcels. Communists in Buchenwald maintained close relations with the well-organized underground Communist party on the outside. The report states:

“From Buchenwald an inmate went out regularly to establish contact with a Communist courier bringing news and instructions. Bound by his loyalty to the Party, the contact man never made use of his opportunity to escape personally.”[4]

The Communist Buchenwald inmates had a military organization that had three machine guns, 50 rifles, and a number of hand grenades. Ernst Federn, a Jewish former Buchenwald inmate, explained after the war how the Communist camp organization eliminated opponents and undesirables. Federn recalled that Emil Carlebach, the leader of the Jewish section of the Communist camp organization,

“declared quite frankly that for him only his [Communist] friends counted, that everybody else might as well perish.”

Federn reported that he witnessed Carlebach order one murder and commit another murder while Federn was an inmate at Buchenwald.[5]

Similarly, an Englishman who spent 15 months in Buchenwald reported after the war that the Communist camp organization did not consider non-Communist Jewish inmates particularly worth trying to keep alive.[6]


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5 Responses

  1. larryzb says:

    The leftist bias in the news media and the leftist infiltration of academia in Europe and the US since 1945 makes such revelations taboo. One may pause to ponder: Were there any crimes the communists would not commit?

  2. WakeyWakey says:

    “The trusties had wide powers over their fellow inmates. At first they were drawn almost exclusively from the German criminals….”
    Wait a minute! You mean the camps not only consisted of primarily Jews and a few other ‘oddities’ such as Gypsies, but Germans too? What sort of ‘German criminals’ and more important even:-

    What was the ratio in the camps of Germans to Jews?

    Douglas Reed, Correspondent for The Times in Berlin, became Chief Correspondent in Vienna in 1935, then Chief Correspondent for Central Europe and the Balkans in 1938, was present and personally investigated the following facts but was censored from reporting them. In his book ‘The Controversy of Zion’ [written in the 1950’s and unpublished for 22years] he presents the facts.


    “When the general persecution began [of political opponents to National Socialism] I reported it as I saw it. If I learned of a concentration camp containing a thousand captives I reported this; if I learned that the thousand included thirty or fifty Jews I reported that. I saw the first terror, spoke with many of the victims, examined their injuries, and was warned that I incurred Gestapo hostility thereby.

    The victims were in the great majority,certainly OVER 90%, GERMANS, and A FEW WERE JEWS. This reflected the population-ratio, in Germany and later in the countries overrun by Hitler. ”

    He states also:

    “In the case of ‘the Jewish persecution’ in Germany I found that impartial presentation of the facts gradually gave way to so partisan a depictment that the truth was lost. This transformation was effected in 3 subtle stages:

    – First the persecution of ‘political opponents and Jews’ was reported;
    – then this was imperceptibly amended to ‘Jews and political opponents’;
    – and at the end the press in general spoke only of ‘the persecution of the Jews’.

    By this means a false image was projected on to the public mind and the plight of the overwhelming majority of the victims, by this fixing of the spotlight on [only] one group, was lost to sight.
    The result showed in 1945, when, on the one hand, the persecution of Jews was made the subject of a formal indictment at Nuremberg, and on the other hand half of Europe and all the people in it were abandoned to the selfsame persecution, in which the Jews had shared in their small proportion to populations everywhere.”

    Douglas Reed quotes Rabbi Stephen Wise wrote in 1949 “The measures against the Jews continued to outstrip in systematic cruelty and planned destruction the terror against other groups…On January 29, 1933 Hitler was summoned to be chancellor….at once the reign of terror began with beatings and imprisonment of Jews….We planned a protest march in NY on May 10, the day of the ordered burning of Jewish books in Germany…the brunt of the attack was borne by Jews…concentration camps were established and FILLED WITH JEWS.”

    Douglas Reed “All these statements are false. The measures against the Jews did NOT outstrip the terror against other groups; the Jews were involved in a much larger number of others. The reign of terror did NOT begin on Jan 29, 1933, but in the night of the Reichstag fire, February 27 [which Reed personally witnessed]. No ‘burning of Jewish books’ was ordered; I attended and reported that bonfire…..A mass of ‘Marxist’ books was burned including the works of many German, English and other non-Jewish writers….; the bonfire included SOME Jewish books, the ‘brunt’ of the terror was NOT borne by Jews, nor were the concentration camps ‘filled with Jews’. The number of Jewish victims was in proportion to their ratio of the population.”

  3. Ellie Wolfe says:

    Reblogged this on Fascist Bostonian and commented:
    #6millionlies #6million #holohoax #holocaust #gentileguilt #worldwar2 #wwii

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